People and Training

Managing projects on a daily basis means giving priority to quality, safety and to training people, day after day.

In-depth theoretical and practical training prior to and during the job is an indispensable part of a company that over the past years has developed into a major world player, because growing is not only about building new vessels and opening up new markets but also about the timely recruitment and training of skilled personnel.

To this purpose, Jan De Nul Group offers tailor-made training and refresher courses to all its employees.  

Training programme for management

Over the past years, the training of our project management teams has received increased attention. After a starters course of 6 to 8 weeks, they are regularly invited to refresher courses such as the Superintendents Days (3 days), the Technical Inspector Vessel Maintenance Days (1 day), the Refresher Course (5 days), the Leadership Course (1 day) and the Management HSE Course (2 days). Not only corporate procedures and industry standards are elaborated on, but also real-life cases are discussed during these training sessions. By mixing both subjects, our project management teams gain both theoretical and practical knowledge to run our projects worldwide.

Training programme for crewmembers

Training programmes for navigating officers and operators are so specific that they are organised internally within the company, or in collaboration with specialised training authorities.

Navigating officers and operators have practical trainings at the office on the hopper, cutter and backhoe simulators. Starters and experienced navigating officers and operators regularly pop in at the office to test and refresh their knowledge whenever needed. In the marine training centre of the Flemish Job Centre (VDAB) in Zeebrugge crewmembers are trained on the Full Mission Simulator (FMS) or navigation simulator and on the engine room simulator. Both simulators are a technical and financial joint venture between Jan De Nul, the Province of West Flanders, DEME and the Flemish Job Centre (VDAB).

Additionally, Jan De Nul Group offers its crewmembers refresher courses by organising the Masters’ Days and the Chief Engineers’ Days (both 1 day) at the head office. During these days the crewmembers attend different sessions on several subjects: nautical knowledge, new international regulations, new internal procedures, prevention management and a management’s view on the sector’s future. Crewmembers can then share experiences with each other and with the supporting office departments during the breaks.