Supporting Services

The supporting services play an important part in the efficient management of projects. On-site project teams and head office services exchange knowledge on a daily basis. Theoretical knowledge and experience are tested against day-to-day practice and vice versa.

Department Design and Engineering

Ever more clients are seeking an overall solution for their building plans with an integrated approach of design and execution. Jan De Nul Group recognised this trend some time ago and started setting up a fully fledged, professional engineering department.

The integration of its specific expertise in both the design and execution phases creates considerable ‘added value’ resulting in more economic and safer building projects, increase of quality and a meticulous control of any risks involved.

The engineering department of Jan De Nul Group consists of a sizable team of specialised experts, qualified engineers, designers and draftsmen and has state-of-the-art soft- and hardware at its disposal.

Survey Department

In order to be able to chart its dredging projects and large infrastructure works in an accurate manner and to follow them up promptly and efficiently, Jan De Nul Group has set up its own survey division with experts and engineers deployed on various projects worldwide.

In order to meet the ever stricter demands of customers, the division has state-of-the art, high-tech measuring equipment for hydrographical and topographical measurements at its disposal. The team also monitors closely all recent technological developments and tests them out in preparation for future challenges in the dredging and offshore industry.


As worldwide environmental concerns are becoming increasingly important,  Jan De Nul are constantly asked to decrease the impact of dredging works on the water column and the surrounding marine environment.

Jan De Nul Group aims to execute all projects in an ecological and sustainable manner. The group has a daughter company named Envisan that is specialised in remediation works for the treatment of historical pollution. Additionally, the modern fleet of sea-going vessels and land equipment meets the strictest international environmental standards.

Still, environmental criteria differ from project to project. Therefore, we set up the MARED division. This marine environment team closely monitors environment-related issues during the various phases of a project: from tender phase over mobilisation up to the implementation of the environmental policy plan. For every project, MARED draws up an environmental management report, with in-depth information on the applied dredging processes and the sensitivity of the environment in which the project is executed.


Jan De Nul Group can rely on an extensive stock of formwork material for all kinds of applications and forms, both for system formwork and conventional form elements.

The formwork division details the formworks based on the design data and in consultation with the executing teams, is inclusive of safety measures, scaffolding, etc.

Specific and special formwork is made to size and assembled in Jan De Nul’s own workshop. For executing concrete construction works, formwork plans are made for every casting phase, linked to parts lists that are used for the production in the workshop and for the transport to the construction sites.