We participate at the Belgian 'Company Discovery Day' 2016

Jan De Nul Group opens 2 sites to the general public for this year’s edition of the “Open Bedrijvendag” (‘Company Discovery Day’ - national initiative of 1 weekend during which private companies open their offices / sites to the public to explain their inner workings). As usual, this countrywide open day will be taking place during the first week-end of October.

On Sunday the 2nd of October, you are welcome to visit the largest dredging spoils processing plant in Europe: the AMORAS installation in Antwerp, or the 4Fonteinen and Kruitfabriek site by the canal in Vilvoorde.


The AMORAS installation comprises two important sites, both of which will be open to visitors that Sunday! We will illustrate the technology behind the treatment of dredging spoils from the Scheldt in the harbour area of Antwerp into a stackable end product. We will show you the full sequence of the treatment: reception, sand extraction, transport through 4 km of pipes to another site, dehydration and finally transport to our storeroom.

Durable Energy cluster Antwerp

On that Sunday, AMORAS will be part of a larger entity: a tour by coach through the Durable Energy cluster Antwerp. A coach will take you along the sites of AMORAS, VLEEMO, Hooge Maey and Indaver. You will be able to assess for yourself how these companies are linked by the production and utilisation of green power and residual heat.

It will be our pleasure to welcome you at the starting point by Lillo Bridge in 2040 Antwerp, where you can get on the coach and take the tour. Keep in mind that the full tour, without getting off the coach, will take 1 hour and 15 minutes. It is entirely up to you to determine how many and which sites you want to visit.

A map of the Durable Energy Cluster tour is available on this link: http://www.amoras.be/obd2016


To guarantee sufficient draught for shipping traffic is critical for the Port of Antwerp’s success, now as well as in the future. In order to maintain this, considerable quantities of sediments have to be dredged and processed every year.

In 2008, the Flemish Government, which is responsible for the maintenance dredging works in the harbour, frustrated by the limited underwater storage capacity, decided to build a mechanical dehydration installation within the harbour area.

This has proven to be a durable and innovative solution for the treatment and storage of dredging spoils as stackable material on land. This ambitious project was named AMORAS, which is an acronym meaning ‘Antwerpse Mechanische Ontwatering, Recyclage en Applicatie van Slib’ (Antwerp Mechanical Dehydration, Recycling and Application of Silt).

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Discover the magical world of 4Fonteinen

At 10 o’clock, the curtain of the mysterious box in the entrance area of De Kruitfabriek will be opened for the very first time. Push the button and watch 4Fonteinen being brought to life by means of innovative projections and some masterly creativity. Make sure to have a look inside the box on the 2nd of October and watch the sparkling future of that piece of Vilvoorde by the water.

Take the tour through 't Sas 

Every hour, the 4Fonteinen team takes offers a guided tour through 't Sas, the first block of flats of 4Fonteinen. The whole process from conception to realisation will be explained from different points of view. At the same time we look into the future plans for the 4Fonteinen district. Do you fancy exploring all this? Then make sure to come to the 4Fonteinen information office. The last tour starts at 16:00.

Look behind the scenes of De Kruitfabriek

De Kruitfabriek is bubbling with life like never before. The Open Fabrieksdag provides the opportunity to come in contact with everything and everyone milling in and around De Kruitfabriek. Expect… all sorts and much more! A most pleasant mix of creative spirits, open minds and enjoyable activities. 

On the one hand there’s the monthly Vintage and antiquities market, from 11:00 until 17:00. Come and take a look at the 50+ stalls. Who knows, you just might find that elusive treasure you’ve been dreaming of! 

On the other hand, all co-workers of De Kruitfabriek put their best foot forward on the 2nd of October. Discover the full programme through this website: http://www.dekruitfabriek.com/OPEN-FABRIEKSDAG

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