Corporate Social Responsibility

​​​​​​​Sustainability is an intrinsic part of Jan De Nul Group’s DNA

It is not just another tick in the box. With our shared CSR policy, we strive for three ambitious key objectives that focus on our social (People), ecological (Planet) and economic (Profit) impact. With this approach, we work on no less than 13 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CSR Policy

Project Design

We follow to the maximum extent possible features and performances of ecosystems. We apply construction and remediation techniques that make use of natural materials.

Project Monitoring

Project Monitoring

By using innovative techniques and by permanently monitoring our activities, we keep the impact on fauna and flora under control.

Energy Management

We translate our full-fledged energy management into concrete initiatives. The CO2 performance ladder confirms our approach: we have been awarded the fifth, i.e. highest achievable level.