People and Training

Since August 2016, all our training courses are organised by the Jan De Nul Academy.  One cross-departmental organisation ensures increased efficiency: much more than in the past, courses are now offered simultaneously to various departments.  The purpose is to prepare new employees even better for their job. The training courses are geared to their careers: after having followed a training course for starters, everyone is offered a training trajectory that has been specifically designed for his or her job.

The Academy encourages lifelong learning so as to keep one’s skills and knowledge up-to-date and it enables employees to continuously develop themselves. Because, standing still is moving backwards. By bringing colleagues who on the surface are totally unrelated to one another together, both during and after training courses, cross-departmental communication is encouraged.  Intra-company networks contribute to an even better transfer of knowledge and to the efficient and safe execution of projects.  A less rigid division between the different training courses results in more knowledge and mutual understanding and thus in better communication between all departments that are involved in projects.

In addition to the training courses given in our offices in Aalst or Luxemburg, our worldwide activities also prompted us to develop an online platform that offers both compulsory and optional e-learning modules.