CO2-Performance Ladder

Jan De Nul NV, subsidiary of Jan De Nul Group, wants to engage itselfs for a sustainable environmental management together with a sustainable growth of its activities. The consumption of energy and the discharge of CO₂ are two important environmental benchmarks in the business we stand for. That’s why Jan De Nul NV wants to obtain a certificate on the CO2-Performance Ladder. This is a Dutch energy management instrument by which companies prove their plans for CO₂-reduction and their awareness for saving energy. Below you can find the report on all aspects of the CO2-Performance ladder.


Jan De Nul NV has formulated targets and measures to reduce its CO₂-discharge. The documents below show insights in the discharges of the offices of Jan De Nul NV in Aalst, inclusive of the warehouses and the workshops; of the offices and warehouses in Zelzate; and of the dredging projects executed in the BeNeLux.

2013, 3A1c  / 3A2
2014, 3A1c / 3A2
2015, 3A1
2016, 3A1


The report for the first half of 2014 of the carbon footprint (CO2-discharge) of the offices, workshops and warehouses in Aalst, the offices and warehouses in Zelzate and of the dredging projects in the BeNeLux is available. These reports show the progress of our footprint and formulated targets. 

Report 2013
Report 2014 (first half)
Report 2014 (full)
Report 2015 (first half)
Report 2015 (full)
Report 2016 (first half)


Jan De Nul NV wants to be transparant concerning it’s policy on discharge reduction.



Jan De Nul NV exchanges its knowledge and experience with other companies.  By introducing a structured system conform the ISO50001-norm (energy related) and the CO2-Performance Ladder (related to greenhouse gas) Jan De Nul NV wants to improve the impact on the global environment.
The document below shows the active participation of Jan De Nul NV to initiatives related to the CO₂-discharge program.