Environmental Works

Subsidiaries Envisan and PSR Brownfield Developers are the testing ground of Jan De Nul Group for innovative processing techniques and environmental technology solutions, and even more: a springboard to a circular world.

The redevelopment of contaminated sites in situ and off site, the removal and treatment of polluted sediments from harbours, canals and waterways, the processing of excavated soils, the treatment of polluted groundwater and the sustainable development of brownfields create win-win situations for both the environment and the client.

The multidisciplinary teams within Jan De Nul Group represent an integrated approach: from design to execution with own equipment and own processing centres.  Moreover, the environmental leg of the group is the ideal partner for the reallocation of industrial sites and unexploited/underused sites (brownfields), both at national and international level.

More information about Envisan can be found on www.envisan.com
More information about PSR can be found on www.psr.eu

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