Cable and Umbilical Installation Vessel

The DP2 vessels Simon Stevin, Joseph Plateau, Willem de Vlamingh and Isaac Newton are equipped to execute subsea cable and umbilical installation. With their other simultaneous operating modes, these vessels allow for unique, unrivalled combinations of cable laying, trenching and rock installation with one and the same vessel, drastically lowering the costs for mobilisation.

Isaac Newton
Deadweight: 12,500 ton
Built in: 2015
Willem de Vlamingh
Deadweight: 6.500 t
Built in: 2011
Joseph Plateau
Deadweight: 36,000 ton
Built in: 2013
Simon Stevin
Deadweight: 36,000 ton
Built in: 2010
Adhémar de Saint-Venant
Deadweight: 6,200 t