DREDGING & PORT CONSTRUCTION - Dredging works at the port of Maputo have begun, with the aim of making it more competitive in regional and international shipping markets.


SCN - Offshore contractor Jan De Nul has completed the setup of scour protection (first phase) around the 51 foundations of the Nobelwind project.


15.06.2016 - IADC Terra et Aqua - Challenge in logistics: New Suez Canal Project: "One of the biggest dredging projects of the current century, the New Suez Canal was, according to experts, a...


OFFSHORE INDUSTRY - The port of Ostend is base camp for Jan De Nul Group's Nobelwind project team. It was here that Her Majesty, the Queen of Belgium, baptised their new offshore installation vessel, Vole au vent.


Flinterstar III BV, the owner of the Dutch frieghter 'MV Flinterstar', has entered into a contract with a consortium of Belgian marine contractors to remove the wreck of the vessel which sank in the North Sea of the coast of Zeebrugge following a...


SNC - Wind power producer Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy has chosen Jan De Nul Group as the main contractor of marine construction for the new Takholuoto offshore wind farm in Pori, Finland.


PEM - Belgium's Jan De Nul NV, a subsidiary of Jan De Nul Group, has just taken over the Belgian company Algemene Ondernemingen Soetaert NV (AOS NV).


NEWSLETTER JAN DE NUL GROUP - We already announced it last year: JDN goes for qualification on the CO2- Performance Ladder. This Dutch instrument helps companies reducing their emissions. Currently, we are on step 3, but we aim higher.


PORT INDUSTRY - The city council and port authority of Trondheim, Norway, awarded the port basin remediation project 'Renere Havn' to Envisan, the environmental subsidiary of Jan De Nul Group. With this contract, Trondheim aims to restore the...


OIL & GAS TECHNOLOGY - In a tight market environment the efficiency of an offshore engineering project can be make or break for oil and gas developments. Jan De Nul Group explains how it leverages its global flotilla of advanced vessels and...


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