Cove Canal Project awarded to Jan De Nul Group

On Wednesday 28/02 Jan De Nul has started the excavation works of the Cove Canal project in Dubai. Following a 3 month tender period in which 4 parties participated, this project was finally awarded by client Nakheel to Jan De Nul on 14/02/07 for a total amount of 70 million Euro. The Cove Canal project forms part of the onshore activities of the larger Dubai Waterfront Project near the border with Abu Dhabi, of which the offshore part – 7 islands worth 1 billion Euro – was already awarded to Jan De Nul in 2006.

The works consist of 3 main parts; dry excavation, rock revetment and concrete retaining walls. The works consist of excavating of 4 basins of  some 200 m wide and in total 6 km long, resulting in the removal and transport of more than 8 million m³ of mainly rocky material. The excavated material will be re-used for onshore landscaping as well as offshore filling. The south side of these 4 basins will be protected by 1 million ton of rock revetment over a total distance of 5 km. On the north side some 200,000 m³ of concrete blocks will be used to make 9 km of retaining walls.

The project is expected to take 15 months till completion. The Cove Canal will be one of the many channels crossing the onshore part of the Dubai Waterfront area which forms part of Nakheel’s latest urban development project combining residential, commercial and recreational purposes.

With this project Jan De Nul is entering into a new segment of the Dubai market of dry civil works, since no dredging is involved in cove canal.