Jan De Nul continues its course as Belgium’s most appealing employer

Jan De Nul writes history. After Janssens Pharmaceutica, Jan De Nul Group is the second company in the ten-year history of the Randstad Award that manages to succeed itself as Belgium’s most appealing employer. The annual investigation performed by research bureau ICMA on authority of Randstad among 12,000 people between 18 and 65 years old, showed that this year too Jan De Nul Group has won the prestigious Randstad Award. The fact that this study is based on perceptions and opinions of the general public (in other words without a jury or experts) renders this price its unique character. 

While other companies have lost some of their appeal, Jan De Nul rose 6% on the popularity scale in comparison with last year, to 49%. It is remarkable that the gap between numbers 1 and 2 in the top 3 has never been larger (resp 49% and 40%). The general average is 19%.

Job security above all

The growing importance of the factor job security is certainly at the basis of the company’s new victory. Just as last year, this clearly is the most important criterion for a company to be appealing. Even in these economically difficult times, Jan De Nul Group continues its course and keeps recruiting, which is a clear signal to the labour market. Job security is followed by the company’s financial health, the atmosphere at work and the wage conditions.

The Randstad Award

Every year, Randstad grants this Award to the country’s most appealing employer. Jan De Nul Group succeeds itself as winner. The valuable Randstad Award 2010 will get a special place in the offices of Jan De Nul Group. Just like last year, the otherwise so traditional bank, insurance and pharmaceutical sectors have lost some of their appeal.