Jan De Nul Group and Nobelwind sign EPCI contract for the construction of a wind power plant in the Belgian North Sea

Jan De Nul secures first offshore wind contract with Nobelwind for its newly acquired jack-up heavy lift vessel Vidar

On Tuesday 15th September 2015, Jan De Nul Group and the offshore wind project Nobelwind signed the first offshore wind contract for Jan De Nul’s recently acquired offshore jack-up heavy lift vessel Vidar. It concerns the engineering, procurement, construction and installation of 51 monopile foundations for 50 wind turbines and for the Offshore High Voltage Substation (OHVS), the supply and installation of scour protection and the installation of 50 wind turbine generators. The wind power plant will be constructed next to the Belwind wind power plant, around the Bligh Bank sand bank in the Belgian North Sea and has selected Ostend (Belgium) as Marshalling Harbour.

The new Belgian offshore wind power plant Nobelwind will be installed 46 km off the coast at Zeebrugge. It will consist of 50 Vestas wind turbines of 3.3 MW each, 165 MW in total. The power plant will be connected to the Belgian power grid through an export cable previously installed by Jan De Nul in 2013 and will provide green power to 197,000 families.

“Jan De Nul Group will execute the design, fabrication and installation of the 50 wind energy generators, inclusive foundation for the OHVS,” says Peter De Pooter, Manager Offshore Wind at Jan De Nul Group. “The steel foundations will be fabricated in Germany and Vietnam under strict quality control by our specialist inspectors. The newly acquired Vidar will install the 51 foundations working from the marshalling harbour in Ostend and the fall pipe vessel Simon Stevin will place scour protection on the sea bed around the piles. Finally the Vidar will transport the turbines and blades from Denmark to install them up to 100 m high onto the foundations.” The works will start in April 2016 and end in the course of 2017.

“Nobelwind is pleased that a strong group as Jan De Nul has won the very competitive tender and has confidence that Jan De Nul will safeguard some essential parts of the construction phase,” says Frank Coenen, project director of Nobelwind.

First contract for the recently acquired jack-up heavy lift vessel Vidar

Clients worldwide are increasingly seeking an all-in solution for their projects with an integrated approach of design and execution. Jan De Nul Group recognises this trend and offers clients complete packages. The group was already well equipped for the installation of cables and Gravity Based Foundations, as well as for the installation of scour protection and other seabed preparation services. For the design and fabrication of the various components, Jan De Nul has its own in-house design and engineering and quality control departments. The investment in a jack-up installation vessel like the Vidar is a logical step forward thanks to which Jan De Nul Group can now offer a unique all-in solution to the offshore market. “And with the order for the Nobelwind project we immediately confirm our expertise in this field,” adds Peter De Pooter.

Specifications Nobelwindpark

Area Nobelwindpark : 22 km²
CO2-reduction per year : 197,000 t
Turbine Model : 3.3 MW Offshore (Vestas)
Total Turbine Height :135 m
Hub Height : 79 m
Rotor Diameter : 112 m