Jan De Nul Group orders cable turntable for Northwind offshore project

Jan De Nul Group awarded a contract to supply a 5,400 tonnes capacity cable turntable to offshore handling systems specialist Caley Ocean Systems. The turntable, including a 5 tonnes and 10 tonnes deck tensioner, is destined for the vessel Willem de Vlamingh. In addition to this turntable, Caley is supplying a modular loading tower assembly comprising loading arm, inboard chute, and control cabin. In the first quarter of 2013, Willem de Vlamingh will be being outfitted for cable laying offshore. Jan De Nul Group will then install the 245kV export cable connecting the Northwind offshore windfarm on the Lodewijkbank off the coast of Oostende to the Belgian power grid.


Specifications of the turntable

Capacity 5,400 tonnes
Outer diameter 28 m
Inside outer basket diameter 27.4 m
Inside basket diameter 8 m
Basket wall height 6 m
Max. speed at inner diameter 900 m/h
Ramp up to max. speed 45 s
Hydraulic driving motors 5
Loading tower tensioner 3
Loading tower tensioner 5 Te
Deck tensioner 10 Te


Specifications of the Willem de vlamingh

Deadweight 6,500 tonnes
Length o.a. 115.0 m
Breadth 23.0 m
Draught loaded 5.35 m
Mooring system 4 puntsverankering
Dynamic positioning DYNAPOS AM/AT R Class 2
Propulsion power 2 x 2,150 kW
Bow thruster power 2 x 1,500 kW
Total installed diesel power 8,975 kW
Speed 13.0 kn
Accommodation 35 + 25 (optional)
Built in  2011