Jan De Nul Group’s Isaac Newton contracted for urgent cable repair in Iceland

Early May 2017, Jan De Nul Group was approached by the Icelandic Electrical Transmission Company ‘Landsnet’ for an urgent cable repair job between Westman Island and the main land of Iceland to be undertaken in June.

Within less than 3 weeks, a contract was agreed and the cable installation vessel Isaac Newton was mobilized from Canada to Europe. Full vessel preparation works as well as the necessary engineering were subsequently performed within the shortest possible timeframe.


The Isaac Newton set sail from the port of Rotterdam on 1st June and arrived in the port of Westman on 4th June. The loading of the spare cable, that will be used to repair the 66kV, 3-phase subsea cable, was started immediately. The repair will be initiated by picking up the broken cable from a water depth of about 50 metres. The population and the fishing industry in the Westman Islands should be restored to full electrical connection again by the end of this month.