Jan De Nul has been awarded new contracts in the Bahamas, Australia and in the North Sea with a total value of more than 150 million Euro

Jan De Nul has been awarded a contract for the rehabilitation of an oil terminal for Statoil in the Bahamas.

The works start immediately and have to be completed by first half of 2011. The EPC project includes removal of an existing pipeline, and fabrication and installation by bottom pull of a new 42” pipeline. This new pipeline will then be connected by a spool piece and riser to a loading platform. The project is worth over 40 million dollars.

In Australia a project, worth more than 100 million Euros was awarded to a joint venture with Jan De Nul. The project includes the installation of permanent stabilisation rock berms on the Gorgon pipeline and umbilical’s for Chevron. Also a number of pipeline crossings is involved. Part of the work is to be executed within the quarantine controlled access zone which surrounds the nature reserve Barrow Island. Special compliance requirements will be met with regard to working within this zone. Jan De Nul will execute the work with the fall pipe vessel ‘Simon Stevin’.

In the meantime, the ‘Simon Stevin’ has arrived in the North Sea. A project has started involving pre-lay rock installation for seabed preparation for a new pipeline from the Troll platform in a more than 300 m water depth.

Also in the North Sea, a project has been awarded by Technip UK for seabed dredging with the TSHD ‘Cristóbal Colón’ in more than 120 m water depth near the Shetland Islands. This trailing hopper dredger is the largest of its kind in the world and one of the few that can dredge at these depths. The seabed has to be shaped very accurately to allow a pipeline to be installed within stringent tolerances.