Jan De Nul in top 3 of Belgium’s most attractive employers

The much-coveted Randstad Award celebrated its fourteenth edition yesterday evening. Also this year, Jan De Nul was put to the test to point out the most attractive employer of the country. Based on an elaborate and qualitative survey among 14,000 Belgians between 18 and 65 years old, Randstad defines which private company and which public authority appeals the most to the general public. The respondents of the Randstad Survey had to evaluate 200 private companies and 30 public authorities according to 17 elements that make an employer attractive. Jan De Nul Group wins bronze.

What is it that makes an employer attractive in the eyes of the public? It does not depend on chance, but it is a work in progress, continually being built over the years. The results of this survey showed that Jan De Nul Group is still highly rated on long-term job security, financial health of the company and a competitive salary package.

Jan De Nul Group wins bronze after GalxoSmithKline (gold) and Pfizer (silver), two pharmaceutical companies, a traditionally attractive industry. In other words, the Group wins gold within its industry.

Randstad Award 2014 Top 3 Private Sector

1.       GlaxoSmithKline
2.       Pfizer
3.       Jan De Nul

Randstad Award 2014 Top 3 Public Sector

1.       University of Namen
2.       Hospital UZ Saint-Luc
3.       University of Liege

About the Randstad Award

The Randstad Award examines the Employer Brand of the largest Belgian companies. This year’s edition was the 14th. It is an online survey among 14,000 Belgians, about the image – not the identity – of all private sector employers of more than 1,000 staff, as well as about thirty public services.

The 17 elements of the Randstad Survey

The Randstad award examines 17 elements that make an employer attractive, as well as their evolution over time:

  • Salary package (salary, fringe benefits)
  • Long-term job security
  • Financial health
  • Atmosphere in the workplace
  • Interesting job content
  • Future perspectives/career opportunities
  • International career opportunities
  • Quality Training possibilities
  • Management quality
  • Equilibrium private/professional life
  • Flexible work conditions
  • Company location
  • Company’s environmental policy
  • Encourages policies supporting diversity
  • Goods and services of quality
  • Strong ethical base
  • New technologies/capacity for innovation