Jan De Nul NV takes over the Belgian company “Algemene Ondernemingen Soetaert NV”

Jan De Nul NV, a subsidiary of Jan De Nul Group, has just taken over the Belgian company “Algemene Ondernemingen Soetaert NV”, subject to the approval of the Belgian Competition Authority. “Algemene Ondernemingen Soetaert NV”, abbreviated to AOS NV, is specialised in hydraulic engineering, civil engineering and complex foundation techniques. The company’s activities are perfectly in line with those of Jan De Nul N.V.’s civil department.

“Jan De Nul originally started as a civil contractor and to this day, civil works are still an important part of our activities. We especially aim at more complex projects,” says Dirk De Nul, director of Jan De Nul NV. All key activities, from design to execution, are performed by Jan De Nul Group’s engineers and with the company’s own equipment. This involves services for construction of buildings, water treatment plants, sewers and pipes, quay walls, tunnels, bridges, roads or locks. “Such EPC solutions, combined with technical expertise and many years’ experience make Jan De Nul Group the go-to partner for the execution of civil works in Belgium and abroad. The take-over of AOS NV will add to Jan De Nul Group’s expertise, especially in hydraulic engineering and foundation works,” concludes Dirk De Nul.

“The expansion and investment opportunities within Jan De Nul Group are such, that they will prove to be the perfect partner for realizing AOS NV’s intended growth strategy”, says Peter Caset, the present CEO and majority shareholder of Algemene Ondernemingen Soetaert NV. “Why did we eventually choose to cooperate with Jan De Nul?” Peter Caset continues. “Simply because Jan De Nul shares our view on AOS’s future and they fully commit to this growth scenario: further internationalization and an expansion of our product range without having to lay off any employees or change our current business location. Furthermore, Jan De Nul’s and AOS NV’s roots and values are identical: innovative, 100% Flemish, a family atmosphere, respect for the individual and for society and a convincing no-nonsense approach.”