Joint venture with Jan De Nul Group wins 80% of the new Suez Canal Contract

On 15 October a contract for 4 lots of the construction of the new Suez Canal in Egypt has been awarded to a consortium with Jan De Nul Group.

The Suez Canal is the shortest shipping route between Europe and Asia. To enlarge the transit capacity and to increase industrial activity in the area, a new Suez Canal will be constructed next to the existing one. It will have a depth of 24 m, a width of 240 m, and will be one third in length of the current Canal.

The joint venture consists of Jan De Nul Group, NMDC, Boskalis and Van Oord, and will dredge a total of 180 million m³. The dredging works will start in November and are planned to be finished in August 2015, which means 600,000 m³ needs to be dredged every day.

For this project Jan De Nul Group will mobilize five Cutter Suction Dredgers: J.F.J. De Nul, Kaerius, Fernão de Magalhães, Ibn Battuta and Zheng He. The Cutter Suction Dredgers have a combined total installed diesel power of 106,130 kW.