New Island Development in Dubai awarded to Jan De Nul Group

On the 19th of October 2006, Nakheel awarded the 115 million USD contract for the New Island Development to Jan De Nul Group. The project consists of constructing a new island 50 km offshore in 20 metres deep waters. The island will have the  shape of a crescent and its primary function is to provide shelter for recreational vessels.  
Approximately 29 million m³ will have to be dredged and reclaimed by means of the trailing suction hopper dredgers ‘Juan Sebastian de Elcano’, ‘Gerardus Mercator’, and the cutter suction dredger ‘JFJ De Nul’.  
Approximately 3 million m³ of rock will be installed by means of the side stone dumping vessel ‘Pompeï’ and the positioning pontoon 'DN121' for the construction of the under water revetment berm.  The project started in December 2006 and will last 27 months. 

Jan De Nul Group deepens the Port of Buenaventura

Jan De Nul signed on 30 December 2006 a contract with the "Instituto Nacional de Vías - INVIAS" for the dredging of Access Channel of the Port of Buenaventura. The port of Buenaventura is situated at the Pacific Coast of Colombia and is considered  one of the most important ports of the region.
The project consists of deepening the Inner and Outer Channel of the port of Buenaventura. In total a volume of min. 3.700.000 m³ of sand, silt and mudstone will be dredged by a trailing suction hopper dredge and a cutter suction dredge. Work on the  project is to start in March 2007 and is expected to be completed within 14 months