Panama Canal Authority once again Trusts Jan De Nul Group to Dredge Atlantic Approach Channel

Two weeks after receiving the bids for the dredging works of the Atlantic entrance, ACP notified Jan De Nul Group that the firm had been selected as contractor to execute the Atlantic deepening and widening works, part of the Panama Canal Expansion program.

Jan De Nul is very familiar with the area to be dredged as the firm was the contractor for the dredging works in the same area in 2005, albeit with a smaller scope.

The latest Atlantic entrance dredging project represents an essential part of the Canal's Expansion Program to ensure that larger, wider ships can reach the new locks. This includes lowering the Canal bottom to 15.5 meters below Mean Low Water (MLW), dredging approximately 14.8 million cubic meters and conducting the dry excavation of 800 thousand cubic meters. The area to be dredged on the Atlantic entrance extends approximately 13.8 kilometers and the scope of work also includes widening the existing Atlantic entrance channel from 198 meters to a minimum of 225 meters and the north approach channel to a minimum of 218 meters. The project is worth approx 90 million US$.

On February 27, the ACP released its request for proposals (RFP) for the Atlantic entrance dredging. Subsequently, several bidders attended site visits and a pre-tender meeting held from April through July, which were hosted by the ACP and provided pertinent details on the project. Bids were submitted on September 10th.

Continuing its rigorous contracting process, the ACP conducted a careful review of the bids.
The Atlantic entrance dredging is one of several key expansion projects that will help create an expanded Panama Canal.

Jan De Nul Group is already very involved in the Panama Canal Expansion program, as team member of Grupo Unidos por el Canal. This new achievement proves once more that Jan De Nul Group, world class leader in the dredging and maritime construction industry, is fully geared towards the Panama Canal expansion projects and hopes to be active in the future PAC 4 and other dredging contracts as well.