Remote marine hydraulic excavator for offshore applications

Jan De Nul Group takes the next step in the development of hydraulic excavators that can be used in shallow to medium-deep coastal waters.

Within a period of only 4 years the in-house Technical Department developed a remote controlled underwater excavator starting from a standard type basic excavator.

Development, engineering and operations started with the elevated hydraulic excavator by tube (up to -3 m), then the marine hydraulic scissor lift excavator (up to -4.6 m) and the modulated system (up to -7 m). Now, Jan De Nul Group is testing a remote controlled excavator at depths up to -30 m. The basic excavator itself weighs 150 tons.

This week the first underwater tests were executed in the Kluizendok.
The adjusted excavator is a masterpiece of cooperation between Jan De Nul’s survey department and technical workshop who brought together the sonar system, the GPS-total station and the micro-digger to perform works under water with an accuracy of about 10 cm.

Some data

Basic excavator 130 tons
Boom (9 + 5.8) m
Bucket 6 m³
Max digging radius (from seabed) -360°
Max digging depth (from seabed) 10.4 m
Digging force 550 kN
Transport configuration 16 x 5.5 x 5.7 m
Additional equipment hydraulic hammer and scissor function