Water Injection Dredgers

Water Injection Dredgers are smaller than traditional dredgers, and have high manoeuvrability and a limited draught. This type of dredger is perfectly suited for maintenance dredging works in smaller ports, but also for other services such as levelling the seabed for other installation services or for post-lowering of pipelines and cables in the seabed. Contrary to the traditional dredging methods where sediments are mechanically transported, water injection dredging does not remove the sediments. Water is injected, sediments fluidize and nature takes care of the sediment transport.

Giovanni Venturi / Henry Darcy / Henri Pitot
Built in / Converted: 2009 / 2019 (Giovanni Venturi) - 2008 / 2019 (Henry Darcy & Henri Pitot)
Width sweep beam: 24 m