Wanted: 85,0000 old coins. Mayor Knokke-Heist kicks off coin collection campaign Matuvu

In Knokke-Heist, developers PSR and Goethals are looking for 85,000 old coins for the new Matuvu Square. They are calling on residents, second-home residents and visitors to donate coins taken from circulation. The coins will be processed in the new square, designed by architect Philippe Samyn & Partners. Mayor Piet De Groote gave the starting signal for this collection campaign today, together with the entire college and in the presence of both developers and the architect.

Jan De Nul Group - Knokke Matuvu
Photo: f.l.t.r. Frédéric Goethals, Goethals Promotor,  Julie De Pauw, PSR-Jan De Nul Group,  Philippe Samyn, Philippe Samyn and Partners architects and engineers, Luc Goethals, Goethals Promotor, Johan Geeroms, PSR-Jan De Nul Group 

In Knokke-Heist, Goethals Promotor and PSR, project development division of Jan De Nul Group, are redesigning the Matuvu Square. Since 2020, they have been working together on the new square with space for 150 private garage boxes underground. Above ground, the square will undergo a complete metamorphosis. In the centre of the square there will be a glass semi-circular pavilion surrounded by a water feature. The public space offers space for catering and relaxation, on a playful surface of black and white paving stones strewn with old coins, as proposed by Philippe Samyn and Partners, architects & engineers.The project team is now looking for those old coins, no less than 85,000 pieces of old coinage. Goethals and PSR call upon all Knokke-Heist residents, second-home residents and visitors to bring old coins to one of the collection boxes. The collection boxes will be available at numerous local retailers and in public places, such as the town hall and the tourist office. This way, everyone gets the chance to literally help build the square.

For the coins that are donated, the developers will donate an amount to charity.

The mayor kicked off the event by donating a number of old coins. The De Nul family donated a range of old international coins, a collection from no fewer than 19 countries.

According to the current planning, the completion of the square and the underground parking is scheduled in spring 2023.

Johan Geeroms, Managing Director PSR, project development division of Jan De Nul Group: "What we do with PSR is breathe new life into complex and challenging sites, in order to reconnect people. Today, we are converting our mission into concrete actions. Because by collecting coins for the square together with all the residents, second-holders and visitors of Knokke-Heist, we are literally building everyone's square."

Luc Goethals, Managing Director Goethals Promotor: "We have been working in this coastal municipality for more than 30 years, so we are proud to be able to participate in this urban renewal project in this unique location. The public space between the Kustlaan, the Zeedijk and the built-up side walls will be completely covered with a large rectangular carpet in a chessboard style with black and white tiles that are set out on all four sides by fringes that also show alternating black and white stripes. This carpet has an international feel and evokes the image of travel. The coins that we hope to collect for the finishing of the square will complete that picture."

Piet De Groote, Mayor Knokke-Heist: "This urban renewal project is an absolute added value for our municipality. By building a private parking for local residents, we are making optimal use of the underground space. Above ground, all of Knokke-Heist's assets will be brought to the fore: the Albertplein will be an ode to light and water, a beautiful nod to our sea and the sun. The new square will invite you to look but also to be seen, thanks in part to the quirky and ultramodern glass pavilion. It is therefore with some pride that I donate the first coins for the accompanying coin-carpet. I look forward to finding them soon again under my feet and those of our residents and visitors."

Jan De Nul Group - Knokke Matuvu
Photo  - Copyright Philippe Samyn and Partners: Above ground, the square will be given a completely new look with a glass pavilion and black and white paving stones.




The coin collection campaign runs from Friday 3 June until after the summer. All collection locations can be found here: https://matuvu-knokke.be/muntinzameling/

Take a look at the project website for information on the progress of the works and the final result: www.matuvu-knokke.be | E: info@matuvu-knokke.be