More than ever, clients are looking for tailored solutions.

Jan De Nul strongly believes that innovation is the key to discover new applications for existing problems. Or simply to create a better future. In complex and challenging projects, our creativity can make a difference.

  • texel

    Prins Hendrik Sand Dyke

    On the Dutch island Texel, we created a new dune landscape against an old leaking dyke and a salt marsh landscape on the seaward side. This approach made the transition between land and water natural and sustainable again.

  • Coastbusters


    The reef ‘Coastbusters’ off the Belgian coast stabilizes the foreshore base, strengthens the ecosystem and reduces erosion. We have tested three ‘biological builders’: shellfish, seaweed and seagrasses and sand mason worms.

  • benin

    Underwater breakwater in Benin

    For years, the waves of the Atlantic Ocean have been eroding the coastline of Benin. To protect the coast, we installed a 5 km long underwater breakwater that also serves as a coral reef. They strengthen each other in their primary function: breaking the waves and reducing their impact on the coastline.

  • Bubble screen

    Sound-absorbing bubble screen

    Driving piles into the seabed can cause noise pollution. We strongly dampen these sound waves by using sound-absorbing installation tools and by simultaneously creating sound-insulating air bubble screens around the vessel.

  • Les Alizés

    Next-generation vessels

    We designed our newbuild vessels Voltaire and Les Alizés as gasoil-powered vessels equipped with a highly advanced dual exhaust gas filtration system comprising a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). On top of that, Les Alizés will also be equipped with a battery that will recover energy during certain actions.

  • sunfish

    Minimal ground pressure

    Our intertidal ploughing vehicle Sunfish has a ground pressure no higher than that of a human being. An ideal machine to bury export cables in nature-sensitive areas.

  • Nul-O-Plastic

    Vacuuming plastic particles

    Historical pollution of plastic particles is a major issue. To deal with this problem, we designed the Nul-O-Plastic: a flexible and compact vacuum cleaner with a long hose that hoovers up the plastic particles in the container. Once the container is full, it is emptied in a central depot. The rubber caterpillar tracks of the machine ensures minimal impact on the soil.