Jan De Nul builds infrastructure for F-35 fighter jets

In 2025, Belgian Defence expects a first delivery of brand new F-35A fighter jets. However, the current infrastructure dates from the 50s and 60s and does not meet the needs of a modern fighter. The Ministry of Defence engaged Jan De Nul to provide new infrastructure to house and maintain the aircraft.

After an intensive preliminary process of more than a year, the Ministry of Defence awarded this Design-Build-Maintain contract to Jan De Nul. The total value of the study, construction and maintenance is EUR 650 million, excluding VAT.

Safe and efficient

Jan De Nul will build two identical air force bases to house and support the new high-tech F-35 aircraft, one in Florennes and one in Kleine-Brogel. Together with the American engineering firm Burns & McDonnell and Arcadis Belgium, Jan De Nul worked out a design that is architecturally attractive as well as extremely functional. Efficient use and the safety of personnel were key from the design phase onwards. That is why Jan De Nul only works with companies that have a solid knowledge of the military workspace, which is an approach that the Ministry of Defence certainly appreciated.

Sustainable construction

Both in design and during construction, the CO2 footprint is kept as low as possible. The new buildings are heated and cooled in a 100% sustainable way. Solar panels will provide as much of their own electricity as possible.

The first base in Florennes will be completed in just under three years. Two years after Florennes, the construction of the base in Kleine-Brogel will be kicked off, in order to keep the impact on the military operations at both bases under control.

Apart from the design and construction of the infrastructure, Jan De Nul is also responsible for the technical maintenance of both bases until 2037.