JDN Games

Jan De Nul's sports summer

The summer of 2024 is all about several major sporting events. The European Championships in Germany, the Olympic Games in Paris, but also the Jan De Nul Games in Belgium! In May, we kicked off our own sports summer with the Jan De Nul Games. Colleagues compete in teams against each other in five challenging disciplines.

With our own 'Jan De Nul Games', we challenge our colleagues in the office and on construction sites to go through a series of disciplines as a team and put as many (kilo)metres on the counter as possible. Kilometres that raise a penny for charity. 

Our trailer travels twice a week: once for participating shifts at the office or in the warehouses, and once on one of our construction sites in Belgium. No fewer than seven teams have already taken part so far, with many more signing up. In short, we are making it a sports year and letting the games continue until the end of the year.

The five disciplines

Each team member goes through five disciplines: basket, balance beam, cycling, running and rowing. In the end, we add up each team member's scores and then calculate the average of these and convert them into kilometres travelled. 

Sport for a good cause

Everyone who takes part in the Jan De Nul Games, whether highly competitive or more out of sympathy, makes a difference. Because every kilometre travelled is a contribution to charity.

Belgian Defence also got to know the Jan De Nul Games container

Belgian Defence engaged Jan De Nul to build two identical air bases to house and support the new high-tech F-35 aircraft, one in Florennes and one in Kleine-Brogel. We are also helping to build the new Defence operational headquarters. 

Defence and Jan De Nul are a perfect match. But not only in the field of construction, we both have the sports microbes. Defence was inspired by our sports energy within the company and even more so by our Jan De Nul Games container. This mobile and multi-deployable container is perhaps the solution for military personnel on foreign missions. It allows them to continue their strict training schedule there as well. So we were happy to invite them for a tour in the container with their own sports team.