Vaquita 01

Meet the Vaquitas and Beluga

At Jan De Nul, innovation is key, especially within our Survey unit. In 2022, the department therefore ordered the Unmanned Survey Vehicle (USV) Beluga to perform hydrographic and quality surveys on maritime and offshore projects. A first within the dredging industry! In 2023, the more compact version, Vaquita 01, joined the team. Since then, the fleet expanded rapidly with a Vaquita 02 and Vaquita 03. Discover more about these vessels and where they are active below.

A deep dive into the USVs

The Beluga and three Vaquitas are Unmanned Survey Vehicles (USV) that are deployed to perform hydrographic surveys. The vessels are equipped to scan the seabed while assessing the situation above water. This makes them perfectly suited throughout the different phases of the project;

  • during the tender phase, they perform seabed scans that are used for internal calculations, 
  • before the project, they are deployed for insurvey, 
  • during dredging, they carry out follow-up surveys, 
  • after the project, they can assess the situation. 

In addition, these USVs are fully automatic. We program the routes the vessels take beforehand so they can conduct the surveys independently.

The Vaquitas and Beluga in action