World Cleanup Day

Our colleagues help clean up litter worldwide

Saturday 17 September was World Cleanup Day. Jan De Nul employees from Belgium, Italy, Taiwan, Guyana, the Philippines, Dubai and Bangladesh, among others, rolled up their sleeves. They cleaned up the area around their office, site or warehouse.

The Confederation for Construction and Building signed the Flemish Litter Charter last year, with the aim of reducing litter by 20% by 2022. We want to do our bit to achieve this.

Not only in Belgium on our sites, centres and offices, but also on some of our foreign projects, we called on colleagues to organise a clean-up action. And with success!

Our action is also part of World Cleanup Day, on 17 September, and Jan de Nul's ambitious sustainability ambitions. Zero Waste is one of the pillars of our corporate programme 'Code Zero'. This action also runs in cooperation with Mooimakers and Ilva, who supported us with materials and tips for organising the action

We seek circular solutions and try to reduce our waste as much as possible in every possible way. Both in the office and on our sites, projects and warehouses.

Jakoba Van Der Linden, CSR Coordinator

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