Trede 4

Step 4 on the safety ladder for the offshore division

The offshore division of Jan De Nul Group is certified on level 4 on the “Safety Ladder”. Safety is a high priority within the organisations that reach the fourth level. Employees are proactive, create possible improvements themselves, act actively and learn together thanks to experience. That is exactly what we aim for with our ITA program. The “Safety Ladder” is a certifiable standard to measure and continuously improve safety awareness and consciously acting safely within organizations.

From step 3 to 4
Last year in April 2018, we obtained the Safety Ladder Step 3 certificate. At that time we already received the comment from the auditors that what they saw at our offshore division is step 4 worthy. That is why we decided to aim for a higher level this year.

This certification confirms that we have a safety culture that is considered to be proactive in our industry and by our clients. However, it does not stop here. Working together efficiently on successful projects requires constant awareness and attention from all employees in the entire chain, including our clients and subcontractors. As a step 4 organisation, we have a pioneering role to fulfil here.