Project team in Taiwan

Taiwan ITA-proof: one project, one team!

One project. One team. The Formosa 1 (Phase2) OWF project is in full preparation. The JDN project team (expats and local employees) and the client, are immersed in ITA, 'the way we work'.

David Debaere (Project Director, FOWI) likes to translate ITA philosophy as: 'focus on the game plan, not the score board'. In order to achieve a successful project as a project team, you have to work together towards the same goals, openly discuss mistakes and correctly assess risks. In the beginning of September, an ITA implementation was organized for both local and expat JDN employees and our client.

This ITA workshop was organized by the ITA-team and project support on site, and facilitated by ITA inspirer Steve Stenvers.

Two days were devoted to this. The first day was dedicated both to the client and the JDN employees and the focus was on the how to bring ITA to the project and Project Leadership. When you know that there are 14 different nationalities in the project team in Taiwan, it is not surprising that extra attention is paid to the importance of leadership in a respectful 'project culture'. A conditio sine qua non to achieve this is, without any doubt, efficient communication and the importance of open and constructive feedback. In addition, the project team worked on how to take high quality decisions in a stressful project environment and focusing on the right risks. Finally, it was emphasized that a good preparation and operational control are key to a successful, sustainable and safe project tailored to the client.

The second day was divided into two sessions. Both exclusively for the operational profiles among the JDN employees. Half a day we focused on critical operations. Jointly, we brainstormed about the specific risks of the project and we shared knowledge, the lessons learned, from previous projects. In the afternoon, we focused on how to organize the Field Risk Talk and a qualitative prestart / toolbox. A role play ensured that all this was carried out just like in real-life situations. Practice makes perfect!

ITA in Taiwan!