our QHSSE-colleague Karen Cortez in Guayaquil

Throwback: colleague Karen attending a panel conversation on female leadership in the maritime industry

Last month, our QHSSE-colleague Karen Cortez in Guayaquil, Ecuador, participated in an event with regards to the International Day for Women in Maritime. The 18th of May, was declared by the IMO in 2021 as the day to be reminded for women in the maritime sector throughout the world, with the purpose of strengthen the commitment of IMO to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the Goal No. 5: ‘Achieve Gender Quality and empower all women and girls’.

In Ecuador, the Maritime Authority: DIRNEA (National Direction of Aquatic Spaces), organized an event and invited CGU/FDC Ecuadorian representations as part of the Jan De Nul Group in Ecuador to assist and sponsor this event. They asked for a female representant of the company to be part of a Panel Conversation about the Topic: ‘Female Leadership in the Maritime Sector as a booster of Economic Development’, where Karen had the opportunity to intervene.

This event had the participation of men and women from the Maritime Authority, Ecuadorian Association of Private Ports, DP World, Global Pact, ESPOL University, Merchant Marines, Wista and Mamla Organizations.

Our Project Manager Dominic De Prins also attended to the event with two more representant of the company, and received a gratitude present for being one of the sponsors of this event.