Aalst Kaai District - Private part

KAAI District brings light to the water.

The local administration of Aalst works together with private parties to upgrade underutilised sites alongside the Dender and so doing reintegrates the water into the urban landscape. The redevelopment of the former commuter car park located at the railway station is a strategic project for realising this ambition.

In between the railway station area and the Dender in Aalst, a new city quarter paying attention to smart mobility is under construction: KAAI District. Jan De Nul Group and BesixRED are jointly responsible for realising a low-traffic and green city quarter in which it is good to live, work, shop and relax.

JDN Group - Aalst Kaai District
Hier groeit een fonkelend nieuw stadsdeel

Want to stay informed about this urban renovation project?

Already terribly curious about the final result? Or already eager to live in KAAI District? Are you an ambitious entrepreneur? KAAI District is also a prime business location, with excellent accessibility by public transport and by car and a cleverly designed on-site car park. Register on our project website and we will keep you informed about this unique development project.