Tonkolili iron ore port, Sierra Leone

Freetown, Pepel & Tonkolili iron ore port, Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, Jan De Nul realised no less than 3 projects in the 2010-2011 period. The first project for the port of Freetown was funded by the World Bank and included regular dredging works for the quays and ferry terminal in Tangrin and Kissy. For another client, African Minerals, we restored the original depth of the channel from Pepel to the estuary in Freetown so that ships could again load up to 75,000 tonnes of iron ore in Pepel. Cutter suction dredger Dirk Martens dredged a channel from Pepel to Tonkolli with a depth of -3.9m to enable transporting iron ore from the mine concession of London Mining. In Tonkolili, the upstream loading site, we also installed piles for the loading facilities and dredged the berth.