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Lier De Oude Gasfabriek

Lier De Oude Gasfabriek

Living at the waterfront amidst a large garden park. ‘De Oude Gasfabriek‘ in Lier is a residential redevelopment project on a 42,000 m² site, situated in the valley of the small Nete River, and was – up to the 1920s – home to a gas factory.

For 90 years, the site had been left undeveloped, mainly because of the historical soil contamination. An intensive dialogue with the local residents and a multidisciplinary approach were key throughout the project. This resulted in the realisation of four building volumes, located amidst a green park area with ponds, mutually connected by a paved walking and cycling path and accounting for 134 apartments and licensed service flats, 4 shopping units and an underground car park. The project has been sold entirely.

m² site surface
commercial units
appartments and service flats
% sold

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