Abu Dhabi – Projet NASR

NASR Project, Abu Dhabi

NASR Project

130 km north-west of Abu Dhabi lies the oil field of NASR. The national oil company of Abu Dhabi (ADNOC) wanted to increase the capacity of the field to 65,000 barrels a day. For this Full Field Development Project, Jan De Nul Group were sub-contractors of Hyundai Heavy Industries. Jan De Nul Group transported, installed and protected three 132 kV sub-sea power cables (total length 147 km) and ten 11 kV sub-sea power cables (total length 57 km). 

The cable-laying vessel Isaac Newton made two trips to Norway to pick up 204 km of cables and then installed them at the project location in Abu Dhabi. Thanks to its exceptionally large carrying capacity, the Isaac Newton was able to install the longest and heaviest cable in one continuous stretch between Das Island and the NASR field without the need for any joints. The installation of the sub-sea cables happened with the greatest accuracy on the highly congested seabed of the oil field. During its debut assignment, the multipurpose vessel Daniel Bernoulli immediately proved the versatility for which it had been designed: it carried out all cable protection works on its own.