Nieuwe runway Brisbane, Australië

New runway Brisbane, Australia

Since 2010, the Australian Brisbane Airport Corporation wanted to build a second runway. In October 2013, it finally announced the construction of a 300-hectare platform for a new parallel runway. The Australian subsidiary of Jan De Nul Group won the contract.

The TSHD Charles Darwin dredged a total of 13 million m³ of sand at a 1.5-hour sailing distance from Brisbane airport. This distance between the dredging area and the final delivery point was the biggest challenge of the project. Our TSHD provided the solution by pumping the sand along a pipeline of up to 8 kilometres to the desired location. At some places, the pipeline even passed through the airport grounds and underneath a take-off and landing strip. It was crucial that the dredging works were completed by 2015, as the new sand platform needed two to three years to stabilise on the marshy ground. In 2017, we were able to start the construction of the take-off and landing runway. By 2020, the new parallel runway system had to be operational. Jan De Nul Group employed about 220 people during the peak of its construction, 75 percent of whom were local workers.