New traffic complex near Brussels Airport

As a member of the SPI.R0 consortium, we'll redevelop the R0xA201 traffic complex. The plans provide for the transformation of the spacious and oversized traffic turbine into a type of intersection unique to Flanders: a Single Point Interchange. The construction of this more compact traffic complex will free up space for a park environment near the centres of Diegem, Diegem-Lo and the business parks along Da Vincilaan in Zaventem. At the same time, the Woluwe will be reopened, missing links in the cycling infrastructure will be filled in and its ecological value improved.

Today, the junction of the Brussels Ring Road (R0) with the A201 - the motorway between Brussels and the national airport - consists of several bridges over the R0. These take up a lot of space and thus interfere with traffic exchanges on the R0 with the E19 and Henneau Avenue. In 2020, the Flemish government decided that the interchange would make way for a more compact solution that improves road safety and livability for the surrounding neighbourhoods. With the designation of SPI.R0 - a contractor consortium consisting of Jan De Nul, Willemen Groep and Aclagro - as preferred bidder, the plans took concrete form. That resulted in an environmental permit application at the turn of the year. The government has now approved that application.

Unique interchange

The essence of the plans is the construction of a new bridge over the R0. That bridge will have a single intersection with traffic lights at which all slip roads will converge. In technical jargon, such an intersection is called a Single Point Interchange or SPI. The traffic lights at such an intersection handle the traffic flow in three phases. This is possible because all left-turn movements for both directions are carried out simultaneously. Such an approach is unique in our country. The operation of an SPI has been thoroughly analysed in various traffic simulations. These show that the overall travel time in the region will be lower in both morning and evening rush hours.

Link in cycling infrastructure

In the green-blue park valley around the Single Point Interchange, SPI.R0 also provides the link between different cycling infrastructures, more specifically the FR20, F3 and F201. In addition, there will be a new slow cycling and walking link between Diegem and Diegem-Lo. At the edge of the airport site, the consortium will complete the Ringtrambus route from Woluwelaan to car park 58. Finally, the contractor is also working in the Zaventem zone. There, the Strabet roundabout will be transformed into a turbo roundabout to ensure better traffic flow and adjustments will be made to Vilvoordelaan, Toekomststraat, Bosstraat and Tuinwijkstraat to create slow connections to the cycling infrastructure.

Besides designing, building and financing the new traffic complex, SPI.R0 will also be responsible for maintaining the entire infrastructure for 30 years.