Port Hedland CROP project, Australië

Port Hedland CROP project, Australia

Jan De Nul Group dredged a 42 km waterway in the Port Hedland harbour and ensured a safe and sustainable access to the harbour. In order to achieve this, we used a combination of trailing suction hopper dredgers, a cutter suction dredger and split barges.

The project was part of the Channel Risk and Optimisation Project (CROP) and included dredging of higher parts of the channel, as well as the construction of two diversion zones and an emergency overtaking lane along the outer side of the waterway. Due to the strict environmental conditions and operational restrictions in this busy area of Port Hedland, Jan De Nul Group adapted its execution methods. To ensure safe access to the port and its berths, the cutter suction dredger Niccoló Macchiavelli was deployed in loading mode, assisted by two split barges. The dredgers were equipped with adapted tools to meet the schedule and strict operational and environmental conditions. The trailing suction hopper dredger Charles Darwin was equipped with a highly functional ripper drag head, which was designed in-house. A cutter drag head (which was also designed in-house) in order to work as flexibly and cost-effectively as possible in specific zones within the dredging area was installed on the hopper Juan Sebastián de Elcano.