Australië - Vincent Anchor Remediation Project

Vincent Anchor Remediation Project, Australia

The Vincent FPSO is a converted VLCC moored offshore the North West Cape, Australia. The Vincent FPSO is moored in approximately 340 m of water using 9 drag anchors installed in 2008. Detailed review indicated that enhancing the holding capacity of the anchors was required and as such Woodside requested us to install 9 rock berms to stabilize the anchors.

The FPSO is located in an area with rough weather and a large water depth so the ‘Joseph Plateau’ was the ideal vessel to execute this scope of work in 2017. The rock berms were quite high but needed to be installed accurately to guarantee that the anchors would not slip through the seabed any further than they already had. The total tonnage that was installed on top of the anchors was 126,000 tonnes of rock. Due to the accuracy of installation and optimum loading of the ‘Joseph Plateau’ the project has been completed in 4 full roundtrips with the vessel.