An extensive range for each project

Jan De Nul Group has a versatile and modern fleet of dredging and offshore installation vessels. Most of them are designed or improved internally. A very diverse fleet ensures that we can offer the ideal mix for realising any project.

  • Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers

    A dredging vessel that is mainly used for dredging loose material and soft soils. One or two drag heads suck up a mixture of soil and water and discharge it in the hold of the ship.

  • Cutter Suction Dredgers

    Dredger cutting hard soil into fragments with a rotating cutter head. The material is sucked up by dredge pumps and discharged at a deposit area through floating pipelines.

  • Backhoe Dredgers

    Pontoon equipped with a hydraulic excavator that excavates the soil and discharges it into a split hopper barge.

  • Split Hopper Barges

    Vessel with a large open hold, used to load and transport dredged soil.

  • Water Injection Dredgers

    This vessel is smaller than traditional dredgers, is extremely manoeuvrable and has a limited draught, making it ideal for maintenance dredging works in smaller harbours.

  • Cable Installation Vessels

    Vessels to transport and install cables. Coupled trenching tools are used for digging in cables and umbilicals.

  • Rock Installation Vessels

    Fall pipe vessels install rock on pipelines and other subsea structures. Side stone installation vessels install rock berms and rock protection layers in shallow waters.

  • Multipurpose Vessels

    Multi-purpose vessels can be deployed as trenching support tool and/or a rock installation vessel.

  • Offshore Jack Up Installation Vessels

    Ships built primarily for installing offshore wind farms but also perfectly deployable for other offshore activities. This type of vessel is equipped with legs to lift itself above the sea level to ensure stability.

  • Heavy Lift Vessels

    Vessels that are able to lift very heavy loads. They are used to recover wrecks or execute various lifting activities especially in the offshore wind, oil and gas sectors.

  • Trenchers

    Trenching tools dig in cables after their installation. Our fleet includes trenchers for every water depth. 

  • Oil Recovery & Sweep Dredging Vessel

    A vessel that can clean up oil pollution.

  • Floating Auxiliary Equipment

    A wide range of tugboats, multicats and pontoons.

  • Unmanned Survey Vessels

    A survey vessel performs hydrographic survey measurements. 


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