We reduce our ecological footprint.

Global climate change is threatening our way of life. By reducing our ecological footprint to an absolute minimum, we want to contribute to a more sustainable world. At Jan De Nul, that is not a distant goal: we explore the possibilities of biofuels and our Ultra-Low Emission vessels are a standard in our sector. Let’s go for zero!   

  • Level 5

    CO2 Performance Ladder

    We started in 2013 with the implementation of the CO₂ performance ladder management system. Jan De Nul has level 5, the highest level possible.

  • Process optimization

    Energy efficiency

    We optimize processes to increase energy efficiency.

  • Emission reduction

    Emission reduction

    We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and to improving air quality

  • biofuels

    Alternative shipping fuels

    We consider all alternative fuels and their evolution. The most promising avenue is a combination of fuels such as biofuels and green methanol with post-treatment by our ULEv filter system.

  • ULEv

    Ultra Low Emission vessels

    New vessels are fitted with a revolutionary filter system that processes exhaust gases and prevents nanoparticle emissions. This complies with the stricter European EURO STAGE V directives regarding emissions on land and waterways.

  • Science Based Targets

    Science Based Targets

    Keeping global warming under 2°C by committing to Science Based Targets.


We keep increasing the safety in the workplace.

At the end of the day, we all want to return from work safely. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. We proactively deal with risks, keep control and create a safe workplace. Our goal is to avoid human harm.
  • Critical risks

    Critical risks

    We focus on seven critical risks to create a safe workplace.

  • Deal with risks

    Deal with risks

    We proactively deal with risks and keep control, both on the project and the personal level.

  • Lessons learnt

    Lessons learnt

    We share our knowledge and learn from each other, continuously improving ourselves.

  • Stop & Reth!nk

    Stop & Reth!nk

    Sometimes, we need to Stop and Reth!nk in order to make the right decision.

  • Safety awareness

    Safety awareness

    We work safely by taking ownership and being an example for our team.

  • Employees


    We motivate, we train and we coach more than 6,000 colleagues to focus on a safe environment.


We do tolerate ethical and social breaches.

Each individual deserves respect and equal opportunities. At Jan De Nul, we believe in people, giving them the opportunity to chase their dreams. Both internally and externally, we conduct business ethically and encourage others to do so.
  • Code of conduct

    Code of conduct

    We want to do business, ethically and respectfully, together with all our employees and partners.

  • Different nationalities

    Different nationalities

    Colleagues bring the world to their workplace: our teams are often a unique melting pot of nationalities and talents.

  • Respect


    We strongly believe in the principles of equal ­opportunities, and promote ­diversity in all areas.

  • Modern Slavery

    Modern Slavery

    We apply a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. We are fully committed to preventing slavery and human trafficking in all our operations and supply chain.

  • Community engagement

    Community engagement

    We focus on local employment and local purchases to fully involve the community. 

  • Sustainable procurement policy

    Sustainable procurement policy

    We work with social accountability and a supplier code of conduct.


We search for circular solutions and reduce our waste.

Each year, the world population produces 2 billion tonnes of waste. Jan De Nul is committed to reduce waste in every possible way. How? By focusing on circular solutions and maximising the reuse of our resources. Together we keep downsizing our company waste streams.
  • Reducing plastic

    Reducing plastic

    We are banning disposable cups and bottles in our offices and on board our vessels.

  • Nul-O-Plastic


    Award winning equipment design and construction to remove historical plastic contamination.

  • Green Deal Circular Building

    Green Deal Circular Building

    We make circular design choices by considering the whole life cycle of a project.

  • beach  clean-ups

    Beach clean-ups

    We organise beach clean-ups on project locations whenever possible.

  •  Innovation Projects

    Innovation Projects

    We constantly have ongoing innovation ­projects regarding ­circularity.

  • Circular solutions

    Circular solutions

    We process, clean and reintroduce contaminated soils and sediments into the market as secondary raw materials for new projects.

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