Customised overall solutions

Jan De Nul Group is a leading expert in five main activities.

Offshore, maritime, civil, environment and project development. Thanks to the fruitful interaction within our company, we can offer overall solutions that combine one, several or even all these activities.
  • Maritime services

    The activities of Jan De Nul Group ensure that shipping traffic is possible. We maintain the depth of rivers and canals, expand existing ports and build new ones. By strengthening and extending coastlines, we protect life on land.

  • Offshore services

    Jan De Nul Group offers specific services for the offshore energy market. Our extensive fleet of installation vessels is used for a variety of activities. We install offshore structures and protect them against erosion. However, we also disconnect and remove them if these structures are at end of life or up for replacement. 

  • Civil activities

    The civil activities of Jan De Nul Group contribute to improving mobility. We realise all types of projects, roads, bridges, tunnels and locks. We are also responsible for the construction of water treatment plants, sewage systems and underground train and subway connections. 

  • Environmental activities

    Historical pollution is a problem sometimes encountered on former industrial or active construction sites or in existing port areas. Jan De Nul Group has comprehensive experience in handling such polluted sites. We remediate on site or excavate the polluted soil and bring it to one of our valorisation centres, always in view of its reuse in alternative applications. 

  • Project development

    We develop sustainable living and working spaces that meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Our commitment when handling large-scale and smaller real estate projects: an optimum spatial integration of the project area in the immediate vicinity; architectural quality; focus on sustainable project development and stakeholder management.