e-newsletter Focus

Second edition of our e-newsletter is available!

We are happy to introduce the second edition of our e-newsletter Focus. The Covid-19 pandemic has a huge impact, both on our clients and our company. Jan De Nul will bridge this crisis thanks to: our committed people, our flexibility, and most of all our healthy financial position. Moreover, we continue to maintain our position as a global player. We look ahead with confidence.

In Hamburg, we spare no effort to make the port accessible to the largest container vessels in the world. And in the port of Antwerp, we are currently remediating the historic site of Fort Filips in what has become the biggest rehabilitation project ever in Belgium. In complex offshore wind projects, we are the perfect partner for EPCI and the responsibilities of an extensive balance of plant contract. In all our activities, the safety of our people is vital for the success we achieve as a company. We gathered some comments from a training course that teaches our employees how to execute lifting operations safely.