Jan De Nul Group, project Mechelen Inofer

Information meeting regarding Brownfield Covenant Mechelen Inofer

The city administration of Mechelen organises, together with the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency and private developers PSR (member of Jan De Nul Group) and Tervia’s, a public information and consultation meeting for people living close to the former Inofer and Trap site. The sites will be redeveloped with space for housing, businesses, supporting facilities, parking places and public parks and gardens.

The plans for a sustainable reconversion of the old and underutilised industrial estate located at the Postzegellaan, Geerdegemvaart and Guldendal are circulating for quite a while already. The reconversion process was initiated in 2016 by the take-over from a bankrupt’s estate of the site Inofer by PSR and, subsequently, by the acquisition in 2018 of the neighbouring site ‘Trap’ by Tervia’s.

At the start of the redevelopment project, we soon agreed that an overall approach of both the Inofer site (property of PSR) and the Trap site (property of Tervia’s) was not only a necessity but would also be the best possible way to proceed for all public stakeholders and both developers. Many aspects of such a comprehensive area development project consisting of two adjacent brownfield sites require a close collaboration between and an integrated approach from private and public stakeholders, a/o in terms of environmental regulations (plot-exceeding plume), final repurposing (RUP Guldendal/bis), access roads, the integration of heritage (Socaré and Trap building), landscaping, parking facilities, etc. The conclusion of a Brownfield Covenant between the various stakeholders is an important instrument for this.

The initial application for a Brownfield Covenant (for the Inofer site) was submitted on 19 May 2017 and was declared admissible and well founded on 27 July 2017. On 2 June 2019, an application for extending the project and project area with the Trap site was submitted. This application has also been approved of. Following the recent approval on 20 December 2019 of the draft covenant for brownfield project 165 regarding the Mechelen Inofer & Trap site, an information and consultation meeting is organised to which we warmly welcome all local residents.

Welcome on Wednesday, 8 January 2020, at 19.00 h.

The information & consultation meeting is open to all interested parties and will take place in:
Het Predikheren – Mandela room
Goswin de Stassartstraat 88 – 2800 Mechelen

You cannot attend the meeting but wish to have access to the project file?

On www.vlaio.be/brownfieldconvenanten (check link to upcoming consultation meetings), you will find the text of the draft covenant and its annexes. All documents are also available for inspection in ‘Het Huis van de Mechelaar’, Reuzenstraat 1, 2800 Mechelen. Please report for this to the reception. The documents are available for perusal up to 22/1/2020.

Written comments

Written comments can be sent by registered mail up to fourteen days after the consultation meeting to the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency – Brownfield Covenants (Koning Albert II-laan 35 box 12, 1030 Brussels). 

About the Inofer site

The Inofer site is located at Guldendal 17. Up to 2013, the site was used by a press shop for non-ferrous metals that went bankrupt. Before that, a malt-house and, later on, the rubber factory Socaré were located here. The Inofer site is currently being redeveloped by PSR, a subsidiary of Jan De Nul Group.

About the Trap site

The Trap site is located at Guldendal 19. This 6,757 sq.m site was formerly used by the bankrupt furniture factory Van Craen. The Trap site is currently being redeveloped by Tervia’s.