1,500-tonnes bus and bicycle tunnel to be pushed into place

Between the 4th and the 7th of April, Jan De Nul will push a new bus and bicycle tunnel into place near the Kortrijk railway station. These last few weeks, Jan De Nul has been prefabricating this 35-meter 1,500-tonnes tunnel right next to its final installation spot. The operation will take about 8 hours.

The new bus and bicycle tunnel will connect the station’s south and city centre sides. It will allow regular buses and bicycles a safe passage, undisturbed by car traffic.

8-hour operation

Jan De Nul will be starting up the tunnel works by noon on Easter Sunday. The soil under the railway tracks will be excavated and the tunnel will be lifted and put on rails. This will allow the 35-meter 1,500-tonnes tunnel to be pushed into place. The operation itself will take about 8 hours and will start on Tuesday April 6th in the morning.

From Wednesday the 7th of April onwards, Jan De Nul can start backfilling the soil, allowing Infrabel to re-install the railway tracks. Regular train traffic should resume on Monday April 19th on new tracks crossing the new bus and bicycle tunnel.

Once this is achieved, Jan De Nul will connect the north side of the tunnel to the all-new underground car park under the Conservatoriumplein, and the south side to an access slope. The works on the bus and bicycle tunnel should be completed by the start of the summer holidays.

About the railway station project

The construction of the bus and bicycle tunnel is a part of the first stage of the Station project. Have look at the short simulation film on this first stage on www.stationsprojectkortrijk.be.