A brand new fire station in the heart of Dendermonde

The fire station in Dendermonde has been bursting at the seams for a few years now. The infrastructure was outdated and the single exit gate had become too great a risk for the efficiency of the interventions. That is why Jan De Nul is building a brand new fire station. As the main contractor, Jan De Nul is taking on the complete coordination of the project. For the foundation slab in the equipment station, Jan De Nul worked together with a trusted partner, who exceptionally had three generations working on the same site.


Yet Staf’s age is not the only unique feature in the construction sector. He is carrying out the works in Dendermonde together with his son and grandson. Three generations working on the same site. “My son and grandson are mainly specialised in laying screed and polyurethane. But if I’m in need, they come and help me. And that is working well. The succession in the concrete sector is assured.”

Guaranteeing overall quality

When building a fire station, many parties come together: the architect Artex – engineers and architects, the main contractor with its subcontractors, the employer, City of Dendermonde – in cooperation with the ultimate user Fire Brigade East (Brandweerzone Oost). It is Jan De Nul’s task to streamline the cooperation between all parties. “Behind the scenes, we make sure that the quality is guaranteed”, says project manager Steven De Brabanter. “We translate the requirements of the city and the architect into specific guidelines for the subcontractors. This is also necessary: the structure of the equipment station in combination with the building is quite complex. This requires, among other things, a specific dimensioning and execution process. We coordinate and monitor the correct progress of the works. ”

Nine gates

The existing fire station was demolished in April 2021. In September 2022, the new fire station will be delivered. A moment both the city of Dendermonde and the fire brigade are eagerly looking forward to. “In the past we always had to puzzle out how to place all vehicles properly”, says Operations Director Frank Van Droogenbroeck. “Now we can place the vehicles in the order in which they should drive out. This increases efficiency during our interventions.” “The expansion to 9 exit gates is indeed the biggest change”, first alderman Leen Dierick adds. “The building itself is also designed in such a way that the firefighters can change clothes and mobilise as soon as possible.”

Visit the new fire station during Open Sites Day

Do these works sound like music to your ears? Then come and visit our site on Sunday 15 May from 10 am to 5 pm, take a look behind the scenes and find out everything there is to know about the construction sector. The ideal Sunday outing for young and old, because in addition to a visit to the site, you can also enjoy folk games and other peripheral activities. See you then!

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