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It might surprise you, but our Heavy-Lift Vessel Les Alizés, trencher Swordfish, dredging project Payra Port and renovation projects have one thing in common: great design.

Design is crucial. Not only for the future of our company, but for the future of us all. To build our world of tomorrow, we have to start today. To not fall behind the times, we can’t wait for new projects to think about innovative solutions. That’s why we build a solid long-term vision by closely monitoring global evolutions and trends. Every single day.

In the design department, we literally turn innovation into practice. It is a real challenge to deliver solutions that are technically, financially and sustainably satisfactory. Still, we manage to achieve just that, be it with in-house knowledge like for Les Alizés or external expertise like for the Swordfish. And don’t be mistaken: design is more than constructing the new. It is also redeploying existing equipment as we did in Payra Port or repurposing it like in our renovation projects.

Either way, with our designs today, we shape tomorrow’s world.