Metro station Toots Thielemans Brussels

How public transportation can solve complex mobility

All over the world, cities are struggling with complex mobility. The solution? A comprehensive public transportation network.

In the heart of Europe, a brand new metro line will bring Brussels a step closer to sustainable mobility. This page gives you a first impression, but did you know that our quarterly newsletter Focus has a whole lot more to offer? Expect to find a load of extra exclusive photos, mind-boggling figures and fascinating video content on this an many other topics. Not subscribed yet? Time to make it happen!

The city of Brussels is determined to accommodate a mobility shift by improving the infrastructure of public transportation. A new metro line from the north of the city to the south has to decongest the most crowded urban areas. Jan De Nul is constructing the new metro station Toots Thielemans and an 800-metre tunnel. A challenging project, with some major underground works.

Toots Thielemans