Jan De Nul once again singled out for sustainable entrepreneurship

Envisan, the environmental subsidiary of Jan De Nul Group, was awarded the VOKA [Flanders’Chamber of Commerce] Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter for the second year in a row for the implementation of its sustainability plan. This Charter will enable Jan De Nul to continue to work intensively on sustainable entrepreneurship.

The VOKA entrepreneurial network of East Flanders supports its organizations aiming to achieve their sustainability goals with the Sustainable Entrepreneurship Charter. The United Nationals Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) constitute the universal framework in this respect. “We are doing our bit by focusing on recycling and the maximal reuse of raw materials along with our commitment to the circular economy,” says An Smet, general manager of Envisan NV.

Ecological and social issues

Envisan focuses on circular solutions for a better planet by remediating and redeveloping polluted and underutilized plots of land and through brownfield development, environmental dredging and sediment treatment. The environmental company always focuses on maximal recycling and reuse of raw materials, research and development for unique and innovative solutions, and always stands out thanks to the environmental approach and development. To that end, Envisan monitors its COfootprint extremely closely, and tries to reduce it with every project.

Envisan attaches the utmost importance to ecological values such as waste reduction, biodiversity, and remediation of contaminated sites and energy and water conservation as is always reflected in its ambitious plans. Extensive efforts are also made on generating renewable energy, in particular by installing a wind turbine at the Hulsdonk site, where one of Envisan’s remediation centres is located. The environmental subsidiary does not lose sight of the social and ecological aspects either in pursuing its business. Development opportunities for employees, but also their health and well-being, are taken duly into account in projects and various soil and sediment remediation centres of Envisan.

Sustainability as a guiding principle

The Charter builds further on the many actions on sustainable entrepreneurship that Envisan already undertakes and creates a framework for the second year in a row to grow further in a sustainable manner. In 2019, the Charter is also being rolled out further in the parent company, Jan De Nul Group. An action plan has been drafted, where reducing the environmental impact on air and water is an overriding priority. The COfootprint has also been inventoried further in a sustainable challenge where man, the environment and the search for innovative solutions always take centre stage.

We are doing our bit by focusing on recycling and the maximal reuse of raw materials along with our commitment to the circular economy.

An Smet

General Manager of Envisan NV

An Smet