an De Nul Group - Project Rives Ardentes

The new headquarters of Ethias in Liège, in the heart of the Coronmeuse eco-district.

Located in the heart of the Rives Ardentes eco-district, the future headquarters of Ethias will be completed in 2024. Laid out over different levels, this building will feature a central courtyard with trees as well as a terrace and several gardens. Built on a modular design, it will offer great flexibility while respecting the principles of circular economy.

Developed by the Neolegia consortium (Jan De Nul Group, CIT Blaton / CIT Red, Willemen Groep), the project aims to build on a 25-hectare site 1,300 residential units, offices, shops, a nursing home and various community facilities for a total floor area of 200,000 m². Of course, designing an eco-district also implies optimising energy usage - according to High Quality Environmental (HQE) standards - and water and waste management, as well as giving priority to green spaces. Particular attention will be paid to soft mobility.